Jan 31 – Addressing shortage of childcare on the West Coast

Study Hub West Coast has collaborated with Coastal Family Day Care and West North West Working on an exciting project to address the childcare shortage on the West Coast. Fully supported by West Coast Council, we have commenced training a group of nine (!) students to become childcare workers across the West Coast.

The students had their orientation on 31 January and started their first unit of competency the following week.

Coastal Family Day Care will be opening two family day care facilities on the West Coast – one in Zeehan and one in Rosebery and will required suitable qualified staff to work in them.

Financially funded through the Regional Training Fund, students will complete their learning through the Study Hub. Coastal Family Day Care will supplement their learning with practical workshops that complement their studies and then provide work placement to complete the required practical component of their course. Hopefully, all nine students will then become employed in childcare on the West Coast.

This is a collaborative project and a great example of  how well industry partnerships can work to address regional workforce needs in our remote Tassie community.

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